Pancreas adenocarcinoma: novel therapeutics

Benjamin A. Krantz, Kenneth H. Yu, Eileen M. O’Reilly.
Chinese Clinical Oncology. 2017.
“Targeting RAS by inhibiting
translation using small-interfering RNAs is a novel strategy
to decrease RAS activity. siRNA against the G12D mutant
RAS RNA by local prolonged delivery, KRAS-LODER
(Local Drug EluteR), has demonstrated decreased growth of
human pancreatic tumor cells in vivo and prolonged mouse
survival. In a phase Ib/II dose escalation 15 locally
advanced, unresectable patients received KRAS-LODER
with a mOS of 15.12 months. Ten out of 12 patients
had SD on repeat imaging and 2 had a PR.”
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