The LODER Platform

LODER™ (Local Drug EluteR) is the first cancer drug delivery platform to enable insertion of the RNAi therapeutic pharmaceuticals directly into the core of solid tumors for extended periods of time of a few months or more.
The approach does not simply involve the injection of the drug into the tumor, but rather the insertion of a specialized bio-polymeric “scaffold” containing the drug into the solid tumor core. LODER addresses two long-standing challenges in solid tumor therapy (i) the inability to deliver large dosages of the drug systemically via the blood stream, because of significant drug elimination, side effects, toxicity and tumor barriers issues, and (ii) the need for a continues and prolonged release of the drug, which is necessary for effective action in competing with the rapid cell division rate and fast tumor growth, and which is needed to avoid multiple closely-spaced injections.
Our LODER platform is based on controlled and extended local delivery of RNAi designed as a “programmable” platform, enabling various drug-release rates to be optimized for the specific tumor physiology. Specifically for RNAi-based drugs, the LODER ensures shielding of such unstable drug molecules. RNA molecules, including siRNAs, are highly vulnerable to rapid cleavage due to enzymatic action, and are degraded rapidly. Further, LODER solves the impermeability of solid tumors to drug penetration. Insertion of the LODER into the central core of the tumor ensures that the interstitual fluid pressure, which is naturally elevated in such cores, will not block the penetration and distribution of drug, as occurs in systemic delivery, but will facilitate wide distribution of the drug into the entire tumor. Our research results show that the transport of drugs within the tumor core is thereby improved.